Advantages of Buying Distressed Properties

We purchase and sell many distressed properties because there are some major advantages in doing so. The main advantage in working with distressed properties is the cash savings. Discounts are steeper with these kinds of properties, and that means savings for us and for you.

Sellers of distressed properties are usually motivated to close quickly, also. Whether the home sale is a short sale, a foreclosure sale, or even a home flip, the seller usually wants to close quickly and get the property sold. This can benefit a seller who is short on time, and it also motivates the seller to further discount, if necessary to sell.

Distressed properties can sometimes become substantially more valuable with a small investment of time and money. Knowing how to estimate costs to fix up a distressed property can help you decide if you can easily fix a few things to give you a great return on your investment, whether though renting the property out or selling it after fixing it up.

Many distressed properties have the potential to bring a fantastic return on your investment. It is important to work with professionals who can help you get to that profit, from the seller, to agent, to inspectors, to contractors. When handled correctly, you can find great profit and see all the advantages of dealing with distressed properties.


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